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Неологизмдердің аудармасы

рын табыңыз.

Antiflash, aqualung, to deglamorize, fall-out, hold-up, braintrust, in-crowd, in-depth, midi-skirt, mini-car, mini-cruize, to garage (a car), to orbit (the moon), play-in, paper back (book), to re-equip, to re-house, self-service, quiz-master, love-in, teach-in, stay-in, to service (a car), ringmanship, gimmick, brain tank, think tank, fact sheet, low profile, runaways, to jackboot, marginal man, nine-to-fiver, overexposed, sci-fi, upmanship, wheelhorse, work-in, kiss-in, buttinsky, baddie, paytriotism, foodoholic.


3-жаттығу. Төмендегі сөйлемдерді, құрамында қандай сөздер неологизм бола алатындарын анықтай отырып, қазақ тіліне аударыңыз.

1. Another deterrent to independent action is money, and the average Congressman chosses the line of least resistance.

2. Half the “bag ladies” and 37 per cent of homeless men are mentally ill.

3. Last year, there were nearly 800.000 recorded instances of “autocrime” … inEnglandandWales, the Home Office reports.

4. The buzzword among the blue-sky researches ofJapannow is bioholonics.

5. The irony of development is that to the extent that it succeeds, the world situation worsens and the dangers of ecocide are increased.

6. There was a dramatic confromntation between one of the dismissed lectures and the Director.

7. Two weeks ago, any hope of reconciliation between the two sides was finally fractured when the guerrillas skyjacked three jet airlines and held as hostages 430 crewmen and passengers.

8. The Kampuchean authoritues have supplied the returnees with food, clothing and other essentials.

9. However, the president’s drive toward “deregulation” goes in exactly the opposite direction, proposing to ease restrictions an coal dust and air pollution in general.

10. Natural gas decontrol will have an explosive effect on inflation, while, at the same time, it will rob the economy of billions of dollars of productive capital needed to create jobs.

11. He proposed as a preliminary step in the direction of total disarnament immediate disengagement inEurope.

12. He has the command of language and certainly the understanding. But he lacks the wish of the true political animal to act for effect.

13. Armed skinheads, chanting “Sieg Heil”, mounted “a revenge raid” on black people in aLondonsuburb, on Old Bailey jury was told yesterday. Between 30 and 100 white youth, some with their heads shorn almost bald attacked about 100 to 150 black people in a cinema queue in Woolwich.

14. The renewed concern about the brain drain acknowledges the geberal industrial malaise of which the brain drain is only a symptom; as such, it is useful but nothing very new.

15. The biggest teach-in for London Telephone region engineers is to be launched early next year.

16. It is as though the aged were an alien race to which the young will never belong. Indeed, there is a distinct discrimination against the old that has been called ageism.

17. … “When you see the vast majority of your twenty million Negro brothers smothered in air-tight cage of poverty in the midst of an affluent society… then you will understand why we find it difficult to wait.” (Martin Luther King)

18. Speculators… have just began to appear on the Concourse (an avenue in the Bronx,New York). “They’ve started to blockbust some buildins here,” said an aide to Representative J.H. Scheuer, who represented the area.

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Неологизмдердің аудармасы


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